• Meets all NCAA®, NFHS, and FIVB specifications.
  • Poles are made of 3.5” aluminum, allowing them to be lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Posts are pre-lined and stamped with four heights: 10’s, 12’s, Women’s and Men’s, taking the guesswork out of setting up the court.
  • Our new and improved "over-the-top" pole allows for easy, on-the-fly adjustment to any height without taking any tension off the net.
  • System will allow you to provide all levels of volleyball, Paralympics volleyball, tennis and badminton.
  • Comes standard with a winch containing a fold up handle, eliminating the need for extra tools.
  • Includes antennas, net and customizable net sleeve with your logo or team name.
  • Custom logos/colors available on unit padding. Logos are digitally printed for added durability.
  • Standard black powder coat upright, other colors available upon request.
  • Wall storage mounting unit available as an addition.

Please call 407-283-2058 for pricing and shipping details.