• Every unit comes standard with a winch containing a fold uphandle, eliminating the need for extra tools, which are usually lost in shipping.
  • Stands can easily be moved by hand or with a forklift, designed with designated spots for forklift pockets on both units.
  • Posts are pre-lined and stamped with
    four heights: 10’s, 12’s, Women’s and Men’s, taking the guesswork out of setting up the court.
  • Our new and improved "over-the top-pole" allows for easy, on-the-fly adjustment to any height without taking any tension off the net.
  • Our stands also have a built-in platform for the referee, eliminating the multiple-piece part sets frequently seen at large tournaments. Referees will also love our built-in anti-fatigue mats that make standing all day much more comfortable.


  • Player safety is a significant part of our product design. Going above and beyond the required ½ inch padding, we use 1½ inch thick padding on all critical surfaces. The referee rails are also covered in ½ inch foam and vinyl.


  • Weighing in at 1,100 pounds, our systems are guaranteed not to "creep", and with our system being 31¼" wide, we can fit three across on a standard flatbed, cutting your shipping cost by up to 20%.
  • Systems come with a separate protective padding cover for shipping purposes. Custom colors are available on all units, along with custom logos. Logos are digitally printed for added durability.
  • We use high-quality polyurethane wheels and bearings on all moving parts, ensuring a long service life with little
    to no maintenance.